O Week

When you are starting university, you will often hear the phrase, O Week. But what is O Week, what does it entail and why should you participate? 🤔

O Week stands for Orientation Week. It is a week of various programs run by the university and student associations before the start of Semester 1. Each university has its own individual set up, however, most universities generally encompass the same activities.

O Week is an opportunity to get your ID card. 🆔

You will have to go to the Student Services (each Uni uses a different name, but it is the Admin) building in your university, where you will be able to take a photo, and get your ID card. This varies from uni to uni, but your ID card is very important. It gives you access to library content, is necessary to have for exams and is your proof of being a university student. You can also verify your student Opal Card here. You can also get an introduction tour of the university campus. Again, it is important to check this on your university’s website to work out when these tours are being run. 🏫

The various faculties at the university also run numerous introductory lectures and tours. This is faculty dependent, and so you will need to check if your faculty is running such programs and their timings. ⏱

You will find that there will be many stalls set up around the university campus. These stalls will be manned by various student associations. You can sign up for them and get freebies. Some associations are religious, while others may be sporting or pertaining to hobbies.

Most importantly, there will be food that you can purchase. There also is free food and other freebies from a great variety of companies prompting their products.

Basically, O Week is an opportunity for you to get yourself organised with your ID card, verify your student Opal Card, explore your campus, get to know your faculty and discover student associations and clubs you might be interested it. It is also a great chance to meet people and make new friends at uni.

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