Buying Uni Books

Starting university is exciting, but it is important to make sure that you are organised. Part of being organised is making sure that you have all the required books for the units or subjects that you have enrolled in.

There are various aspects to consider when going to purchase your books for uni; the price being an essential thing to consider, with university not being cheap. 💸

Individual books can cost up to $200 for each unit or subject, and it’s imperative you don’t end up broke after your first semester. 😳

First off, you need to consider which books you need for a subject. These are usually found in the Unit Guide on your university’s website or your university portal. Make sure that you are looking at the updated list, as required textbooks do change from year to year.

The other thing to look out for is whether a textbook is required or recommended. Required textbooks are essential in completing the unit or subject, whilst recommended textbooks are a good resource to consult during your studies, but are not essential. Whether you require the extra help from the recommended textbooks would be dependent on your confidence in the unit you are attempting, and whether the extra help from the recommended textbooks would be beneficial.

Once you have worked out what textbooks you need, the hunt begins.

New Textbooks 🎁

Buying brand new books directly from bookstores is an expensive option, but means that you will have a brand new textbook. Often these books come with an eBook which can be handy. However, you will need to ascertain whether the cost is justified.

Second Hand Textbooks 📕

The second option is to buy second-hand textbooks from other university students. There are various forums where students sell their old textbooks. One such site is StudentVIP, where you can purchase textbooks, notes and find tutors. Gumtree, eBay and Facebook are also great places to search for a bargain.

Libraries 📚

University libraries often have physical textbooks that can be loaned. However, these loan periods may not cover the entire semester and therefore require careful planning. Some university libraries also have electronic copies that can be accessed. Some university libraries even allow students to download certain chapters of textbooks. This can be a great option if you don’t require the whole textbook. Don’t forget to check out your local libraries, who may have your textbook available.

Whatever way you choose to buy or borrow your textbooks, it is important to get organised before the semester begins. This will ensure that you can start the year smoothly and without a hitch.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave a comment down below. 👇

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