UAC Guide: How to Apply for Uni

In Year 12? April 1st is the day Undergraduate Applications will open, so it is important to know how you are going to apply. We’ve broken down the process into the essential steps you need to take as a Year 12 student to start your UAC application.

Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) is the place to go if you are a Year 12 student looking to apply for university entrance in 2022. It might seem early, but it is prudent to get started with your application now.

To start, head to

On their website, there is information on various courses offered by universities, their start dates and information on prerequisites and academic requirements. Be sure to check these out to help inform your choice of a university course.

To start an application, click the ‘Apply or Log in’ tab on the top right of the homepage. From the drop-down menu, select the undergraduate application.

Read the information, then click “Start” to begin your undergraduate application.

Select your citizenship status, and click Yes to the next question as you will be completing Year 12 this year.

For HSC students, enter your Year 12 student number and UAC pin, which would have been emailed to you by UAC on the 1st of April.

For IB students, use your personal code and birth date as your pin (e.g. 1st of May is 0105).

You will then be taken to the personal details page. Some details may have already been added; ensure that they are correct and fill out any remaining fields.

When entering your email, ensure that you enter a personal email, as this email will be the main way UAC will contact you. Your school email may expire, so it is important that you use a personal email account.

When you click next at the bottom of the page, a UAC application number will be generated. Your UAC application number and PIN will be emailed to you. Keep them safe as you will need them to update your application in the future or whenever you contact UAC.

After clicking continue, you will be directed to the qualifications page. Your Year 12 qualification would have already been added. You have the option to add other qualifications such as employment experience and online open courses, though they most likely won’t apply to you. Don’t add employment experience unless you’ve worked full time for 1 year or more.

The next step in the application is the selection of your courses. The course preferences page is where you can choose up to 5 courses you’d like to apply for. You can always update this list later. Click ‘Search for Courses’ to get started. First, select an institution (you can select all or simply select the institutions you are interested in). Then search your course by using the six-digit course code or course name to refine your search.

Select the start date for your course choices to add them to the preference list. Once you are done, you can review your choices. Put your preferences in order of what you most like to do, as they will be considered in order. When you are done, save your changes to continue.

Now, you need to review your application to ensure that all details are correct. Click the pencil icon, to edit any details. Once you are finished, click the ‘Submit’ button, read through the Declaration, and click the box to agree with the terms. Now, you need to make the payment, either through PayPal or Credit Card or if you choose to pay later through POSTbillpay or BPay. If you choose to pay later, UAC must receive your payment before any offers can be made.

Once you pay, your application is complete. Now, you can manage your application using your UAC application number and pin, apply for Educational Access Scheme (EAS) if eligible or upload documents. It is recommended that you download the confirmation package to ensure that all your details are correct.

You can manage and edit your application whenever you like using your UAC application number and PIN by going to Undergraduate Application from the drop-down menu. From here you can track correspondence, change your pin or download your confirmation package.

Make sure to check the UAC website for up to date key dates such as Offer Round Dates.

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