Managing your UAC Application


After you apply via UAC, you can log back in to your application to make changes to your preferences and upload any required documentation. It is through your application home page that you can also check any correspondence from UAC.

Once you complete your initial application process, UAC email your UAC application number and pin. You’ll need these handy when managing your application.

To start, head to

To manage your application, click the ‘Apply or Log in’ tab on the top right of the homepage. From the drop-down menu, select the undergraduate application.

Under the heading ‘Manage your application’, enter your UAC application number and PIN. You’re in!

Your home page on your application should look something like this.

From here, you can update certain personal details, update qualifications (though your HSC or IB qualifications should have been automatically added), and most importantly change your course preferences. Your course preferences can be changed anytime, except in between offer deadlines and offer releases for each Offer Round. This is the time in which universities review your preferences, and therefore you cannot change your preferences. Refer to UAC’s Offer Round deadlines and dates to know when you can change your preferences.

From the home page of your UAC application, you can also view UAC’s correspondence with you. UAC also emails this correspondence with information about your application and offers to your chosen email. It is important to check for UAC’s email in your inbox, but you can also view the same correspondence via your UAC application.

From the home page of your UAC application, you can also begin your Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) application. This is essential if you want to get early-offers from universities.

Lastly, you can change your UAC pin from the home page of your UAC application. Remember to keep it safe! You’ll need your UAC application number and PIN to check for offers.